The Great Basin Herpetological Society is run by a Board of Directors who also serve as Officers, and by the amazing efforts of the Advisors to the Board.Empty board member positions are filled by Advisors who are elected to the board by a majority vote by the other Board Members. Board members serve for a four year term, but may step down before their term is up.
Advisors are Great Basin Herpetological Society members who volunteer to help run the group. They attend at least three-quarters of the Board and Advisor meetings, and are integral to running the GBHS. Any GBHS member is welcome to be an advisor, just let us know you would like to come to the Board/Advisor meetings and we will let you know when they are.

Board Members
President РDavid Knudsen
Vice President – Jim Beaver
Secretary – Karin Benker
Treasurer – Alexandra Reid
Sergeant-at-Arms – Position Vacant

Jami Beaver
Jennifer Beaver
Acacia Sprauge
Noah Peitz – Jr. Herp Leader
Beatrice Benker – Jr. Herp Co-Leader
Bill and June Maggiora
June Van Fossen-Mushynski
Alicia Lincoln